Epic Weekend Part Three : Saturday

I got to see Katy Perry perform and it was awesome. She played “Friday” and “Whip My Hair.” One of the funniest shows I’ve been to. Plus she dressed up as a cat. Completely sold out show. 95% tweens and their parents, 5% high school jocks who just went because they thought it’d be funny to go to a Katy Perry concert. They don’t get any cooler than Katy Perry.

Epic Weekend Part Two : Friday

Today I saw the very last Harry Potter movie. The movie was good, and a decent ending to the films, but I agree with the statement that they are nothing more than pretty visual reminders of the books. Thanks Mom, for buying me the first three books that one Christmas.

Epic Weekend Part One : Thursday

While in Canada, I’ve been lucky enough to witness the largest event of the year, the Calgary Stampede. The Calgary Stampede is the largest rodeo in the world, featuring ten days of parades, concerts, stage shows, fair rides, and chuckwagon racing. The Stampede kicked off this year with Prince WIlliam and Kate leading the parade. All week long there are several events going on throughout downtown. On Thursday, I decided to check out the chuckwagon races followed by the “Grandstand Show,” both of which I knew nothing about. The races are basically four riders that each control a chuckwagon pulled by four horses. Apparently, each rider has a teammate or something that throws tent poles and a stove into the chuckwagon at the start of the race, and those items must stay with the rider at all times. The teammate rides a horse and must finish the race with the chuckwagon rider. Pretty intense.

So naturally, after two hours of brutal chuckwagon racing, the evening is concluded with a colorful acrobatic musical, called the “Grandstand Show”. I don’t think I could say it better than the website:

“It combines equine magnificence, whimsical dreamscapes and spontaneous bursts of pyrotechnic energy.”

It’s a love story between a man and a woman, told with death-defying acrobatics and horse costumes with fire swords.


I’m pretty sure I heard someone say “rodeo” but they put the emphasis on the second syllable, so the phonetic transcription would be ”ro-dao” I’ve never heard it said like that.

Please excuse the inverted curly quote, I don’t know how to work computers.

A Little Bit Different

Canada is a lot like the US, but it’s a little different. These things may just be Calgary:


I was surprised to hear that everyone has a very discernible accent. Like in the South, many of us don’t sound like we have Southern accents but we definitely all do. Canadian accents are very hard to figure oot.

Black Squirrels

They have black squirrels.

Canadian Football

I didn’t know this, but there is such a thing as the CFL. Three downs, a huge end zone, and a bigger field. I was wandering around the neighborhood, and I happened to come across a live game. Their seasons must be in the summer. Also, I think many of the players are Americans.


Their money is the same as ours, but they also have $2 and $1 coins named the toonie and loonie. Why didn’t the Sacagawea the coin catch on?

Jack Rabbits

They have crazy rabbits with huge ears just hangin’ out in the streets.

Aboot to Arrive

Well, after many to-do lists, paperwork, and a lot of luck I finally made it to Canada. I settled in and now I get to spend the next four days celebrating Canada Day, my birthday, and the 4th of July!

By the way, this blog is meant to be an experiment in responsive site design so look at it on your iPad, iPhone, or whatever! Or you can just resize your browser window to watch the magic. A large part of inspiration came form Trent Walton’s blog and his article of responsive websites.

Adventures in Canada

If you don’t know, I will be living in Calgary, Canada for two months while I intern at Veer. I was lucky enough to be chosen for their graphic design summer intern program. Here, I will be posting as often as I can as a reminder of all my adventures in Canada. I’m sure it will be a good one!